What Does it Mean When Someone Says Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring?

You might hear people asking you if you want your hardwood flooring unfinished or pre-finished and have no idea what they mean. It basically says how you want it done prior to installation.

Unfinished hardwood flooring means everything is done right at your house — woodcarvers team will go to your place, we cut the wood, install it, color it, and finish everything up. This ensures that we get the most of your floor and we can make your hardwood flooring fit perfectly. Of course the downside there is time consumption.

But if you don’t have a few days to spare, you can also have your hardwood flooring pre-finished. Every plank of wood is factory-made and all that is left to do is bring the hardwood flooring to your house and install them. This method is quicker but it does sacrifice a little bit of the aesthetics. But if you do prefer the look pre-finished hardwood flooring comes with then you will have no problem! 

Now We Get to the Best Part

You also get to choose the type of hardwood flooring you want! That’s right, we got a bunch of species in our inventory that we’re sure you will adore. Maple hardwood is a staple of durability and can withstand a lot of traffic and damage. It also has a natural grain pattern.

There’s also the warm and cozy dark walnut hardwood with a chocolate coloring. Its dark touch can really compliment a bedroom’s appeal. One of the most popular choices of hardwood flooring is oak hardwood because of its balance between practicality and art.

If you want something reddish and vibrant then check out our cherry hardwood! Our varieties are endless and our inventory contains nothing but the most premium of hardwood species!

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